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Pasta G. Di Martino

Fabrizio Facchini, Ambassador

Pasta from Gragnano, NA since 1912

Chef Fabrizio Facchini is proud to be the Brand Ambassador for Pastificio G. Di Martino.  Since 1912 the tenacious and respectful work of three generation of pasta maker of the Di Martino family has led the historic pasta factory to produce 8 million pasta dishes a day and to export the family product to more than 35 countries. 

Di Martino pasta is made in Gragnano, the “City of Pasta”, through the selection of the best Italian durum wheat semolina, mixed to the pure spring water from Forma river, bronze die extruded and slowly dried at low temperature, as required by the Product Specification of PGI Gragnano Pasta. It contains minimum 14% proteins, which help getting great firmness to cooking and high digestibility.  Pastificio Di Martino is Slow Food Italia Official Supporter and purveyor of the prestigious James Beard House in New York. Our production plant is placed in Gragnano, in the extraordinary Sorrento Coast. Surrounded by Lattari Mountains and characterized by the mild climate and the presence of sea breeze, this ancient city benefits from particularly ideal conditions for the production of dry pasta.  Thanks to its over 500 years of history in the production of high-quality durum wheat pasta, Gragnano is known worldwide as the European Capital of Pasta. In 2013 its ‘white gold’ has gained the Protected Geographical Indication, hence becoming the first quality recognition assigned to pasta in Italy. 

For over 100 years the wisdom and ancient gestures of 3 generations of pasta makers have been mingling with pure local spring waters and the best 100% Italian durum wheat, to bring the unique taste of our PGI Gragnano Pasta to the tables of the world. Bronze-drawn and slowly dried at low temperature, Di Martino pasta smells of wheat, is tenacious in cooking, and holds the sauces perfectly thanks to its porous surface. Over 100 formats to experiment in the kitchen and fall in love with the many facets of taste

Recently, Dolce & Gabbana has signed the new look of Di Martino pasta. A Special Edition celebrating the Italian excellence through the colors, symbols and monuments identifying the Country.

The new packs have become real postcards from Italy, to enliven and scent tables worldwide thanks to their lively Mediterranean design. 

Learn more about the Pasta Di Martino and the Dolce Gabbana Line, click on the logos below:

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